Brain Pituitary gland Anatomy For Medical Concept 3D Illustration

Pituitary/Skull Base Surgery

The role of the ENT in skull base surgery is to provide access for the neurosurgeon to remove anterior skull base or pituitary tumours. These are usually benign tumours and a minimal access/keyhole surgery approach is ideal.
Using a scope in the nose, the sinuses at the back of the nose are opened and a small segment of the back of the nasal septum is removed.  No external incisions are used. The neurosurgeon can then gain access to the tumour while the ENT continues to assist while holding the scope.
At the end of the surgery, the opening in the skull base is closed with a graft and tissue glue if needed.
This minimal access approach results in a much faster and safer surgery and is now considered to be the gold standard for this type of operation, compared to opening the skull externally. Shorter hospital stays and less complications are the norm.